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An Addiction Recovery Checklist


A list of important skills and goals for your first year of recovery. Use it as a reminder and to help you stay on track in the days and months ahead.


   Accept that you have an addiction.

   Practice honesty in your life.

   Learn to avoid high-risk situations.

   Learn to ask for help.

   There are many paths to recovery. The most difficult doing it alone.

   Practice calling friends before you have cravings.

   Become actively involved in self-help recovery groups.

   Go to discussion meetings and begin to share. You are not alone.

   Get a sponsor and do step work.

   Get rid of using friends.

   Make time for you and your recovery.

   Celebrate your small victories. Recovery is about progress not perfection.

   Practice saying no.

   Take better care of yourself.

   Develop healthy eating and sleeping habits.

   Learn how to relax and let go of stress.

   Discover how to have fun clean and sober.

   Make new recovery friends and bring them into your life.

   Reevaluate your lifestyle periodically to make sure you remain on track.

   Deal with cravings by “playing the tape forward” What will happen if you start?

   Find ways to distract yourself when you have cravings.

   Physical activity helps many aspects of recovery.

   Deal with post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

   Develop strategies for social environments where drinking is involved.

   Keep a gratitude list of your recovery, your life, and the people in it.

   Say goodbye to your addiction.

   Develop tolerance and compassion for others and for yourself.

   Begin to give back and help others once you have a solid recovery.

   See yourself as a non-user.


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